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Built in 1896, the Security Building was originally home to Stampfer’s Department Store. Josheph Frederick Stampfer sold household goods on the third floor, millinery and other clothing on the second floor, and women’s attire was on the first floor. The fourth floor was more than likely used as a warehouse.

Stampfer himself designed the interior structure while Fridolin J. Heer & Son were commissioned to design the exterior. The design, with its cream terra cotta exterior, was a departure from other Dubuque brick-and-stone architecture. The northern half was added in 1907, designed by Thomas Carkeek. The upper floors of this half of the store were leased out to the Boston One Price Clothing Store and the Harger & Blish booksellers. Stampfer occupied all of the first floor. The store occupied the building through the late 1960s. 

In 1991, the Stampfer Building was purchased, renamed the Security Building, and was converted into offices. In 2008, Gronen served as consultants in the rehabilitation of the structure. Today it is the headquarters of Cottingham & Butler, Inc.


Completion Date: 2008

Size: 6,500 Total SF

Location: Dubuque, IA

Type of Project: Commercial

Gronen Responsibility: Consultant

Total Development Cost: $1.6 million

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