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We vision, plan, and partner to lead the development process and execute building projects that are purpose-driven, sustainable, and socially meaningful.


Gronen is a catalyst for community and serves clients through demonstrated expertise in:

  • Real Estate Development

  • Layering of Complicated Funding Sources

  • Tax Credit Applications

  • Construction

  • Restoration

  • Property Management

We are committed to working with and guiding clients every step of the way. From the first stages of planning, to identifying funding sources, to rehabilitation, and throughout property management, Gronen leads the way.

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"I have personally worked with John and Mary Gronen on various projects for over 20 years. They are astute planners, which has assured that all of the above projects came in on time and on budget. They seek alternate funding sources to fill financial gaps, and they take personal responsibility in all of their projects. In many cases, they serve as project managers, construction managers, and even property managers. Their passion and perseverance has been heralded on projects that have collectively reinvested over $150 million into the Dubuque community. The Gronen team is tenacious and diligent. I am happy to recommend them to you."

—Victoria R., Senior Vice President, American Trust


Real estate development is complex. We understand this because we’re developers who are also building owners. Gronen was built from scratch, and we take our risks seriously. Since 1999, Gronen has restored over two million square feet of commercial and residential space in downtown Dubuque, with development costs in excess of $300,000,000. Our projects are designed well, built on schedule, come in on or under budget, and operationally perform well over several years. This experience in design, construction, real estate ownership, and management allow us to work through all aspects of every project. 


To us, success means developing projects that transform our community. We breathe new life into neglected areas of our urban core and embrace visionary ideas that help shape our community story. We do this using an integrated project management approach that utilizes close coordination among all teams – architectural/design, construction management, engineering, accounting/legal, and property management – for a well-planned, high-quality, seamless delivery. 


We redevelop historic structures through the use of innovative and complex funding sources. Gronen specializes in the layering of various rehabilitation tax credits, Historic Tax Credits, and other private and public incentives. We are fortunate to enjoy an outstanding reputation in the banking and real estate community.

What makes Gronen projects unique?
  • Integrated Project Management

  • Experienced Deconstruction/Rehabilitation Team

  • Sophisticated Layering of Sources


The result—catalytic rehabilitation projects, bringing new life to Downtown Dubuque with beautiful, historically sensitive retail, office, and residential space.

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Restoration | New Construction

Gronen has been restoring historic buildings throughout Dubuque, Iowa and the Greater Tri-State Area since 1999. Our team includes a masonry crew with over 60 years of combined experience who are trained and conscientious craftsmen, consistently held to the highest expectations.


In our 20+ years, we have developed and maintained excellent relationships with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).  They are the branch of state government that oversees the State Historic Tax Credit Program for building owners who restore or rehabilitate historic structures according to high preservation standards.

Services Offered:

  • Construction Management

  • Project Management

  • Design-Build

  • Estimating & Budgeting

  • Remodeling

  • Deconstruction

  • Media Blasting

  • Lead Abatement

  • Masonry Restoration & Repair

    • Repointing

    • Mortar Analysis & Matching

    • Cracks, Settlement, & Leaks

    • Deteriorated Masonry

    • Masonry Cleaning & Paint Stripping

    • Historic Stuccos & Renders

    • Chimney Problems

    • Changing the Color of Masonry

    • Water Repellents

  • Wood Floor Replacement & Restoration

  • Rough & Finish Carpentry

  • Gypsum Board Assemblies

  • Restoration & Finish Painting

Property Management

Gronen excels in both residential and commercial property management. We offer clients turn-key solutions, from the design of mechanical systems to complete renovations. It is this experience that sets Gronen apart from the rest.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We understand building management from an owner’s perspective, because we own and manage several of our own buildings. 

  • Our vast array of tenants has provided us the skill set in working with both start-up companies, as well as Fortune 500 Companies.

  • We believe that preventive, pro-active approaches to maintenance are more cost effective than re-active maintenance. 

  • We continuously look for ways to improve operating efficiency and cost savings.

  • We understand capital expenses and the importance of return on investment.

Turn Key Delivery Through:

  • Integrated Project Management Services.

  • Web-based software that tracks repairs and preventive maintenance in real-time.

  • Full service accounting.

  • Full-time maintenance staff working under the direction of a maintenance supervisor.

  • Lease management. 

  • Infrastructure and Capital Improvement projects.

The Gronen Difference

  • We believe that you can’t manage it if you can’t measure it.

  • Property owners benefit from volume discounts as Gronen negotiates products, supplies, and services on multiple products at one time.

  • All accounting is handled in our offices, which allows us to continuously monitor expenses and identify areas of improvement. 

  • Gronen employs several skilled maintenance personnel that service multiple buildings. This helps owners realize savings by not having a full-time maintenance engineer dedicated to just one building.

"We believe that you can't manage it if you can't measure it."
—John Gronen, President
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