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The Gronen team prides itself on providing high-quality commercial space with superior property management services.


All properties are located in historic buildings in downtown Dubuque and have been rehabilitated by our team.


We offer competitive rental rates in vibrant urban locations with details that will help your commercial venture succeed.


Most available spaces can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Need space for your business? Whether it's office, retail, warehouse, or redevelopment, we'd love to help!

“Our mission is to take care of and represent Dubuque businesses and our community. We are very happy with our decision to relocate to the exciting Millwork District because of how it represents Dubuque. Greater Dubuque thoroughly enjoys working in our vibrant office and our clients agree. We often receive positive feedback that our workplace demonstrates Dubuque as cool and edgy, while still being professional.”

—Rick D., President & CEO
Greater Dubuque Development Corporation

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Dubuque Casket Company

The reuse of the historic Dubuque Casket Company building put 65,000 square feet of mostly abandoned space back into use. Second through fourth floors are occupied by Washington Court Apartments. The main level is dedicated to organizations that provide much needed services to the Washington Neighborhood and beyond.

Historic Upper Main—The 1000 Block

Dubuque’s Historic Upper Main Street Revitalization (The 1000 Block) project involved the complete rehabilitation of six blighted buildings, restoring fourteen historic storefronts and creating 30 quality affordable housing units.


This $7 million project restored the building's storefronts to historic accuracy and has helped to spark an economic revitalization of the area. The 1000 Block is now home to eight retail and entertainment businesses, as well as 30 quality apartment units. It has become a safe and walkable neighborhood with access to services and transportation. Additionally, this renewal made great use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Interstate Building

In 2007, the Interstate Building received a full rehabilitation. Originally built in 1956, it had only 3 stories; the fourth floor was added in 1962. This is a prime example of the mix of both the Modern Movement (steel, glass, and reinforced concrete) and International Style (low profile and horizontal window bands).

Schmid Innovation Center

The first project in the Historic Millwork District was the CARADCO Project, which is now known as the Schmid Innovation Center/CARADCO Lofts. The Carr, Adams, & Collier Company (CARADCO) Main Plant Building is a former millworking factory in what was once the nation’s largest window and door manufacturing company. CARADCO occupies an entire city block, was built between 1880 and 1906, and is adjacent to Dubuque’s downtown, walkable, working class neighborhoods.


CARADCO’s revitalization in a pedestrian-friendly, urban-cultural atmosphere supports sustainable design principles that include the reuse of existing buildings and infrastructure, energy-efficient features, complete streets, and connectivity to jobs and services in a downtown setting. By establishing a vibrant mix of residential, commercial/retail, and non-profit tenants, CARADCO creates a sense of place that exhibits the qualities of true urbanism — density, diversity, energy, and sociability.

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