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The reuse of the historic Dubuque Casket Company building put 65,000 square feet of mostly abandoned space back into use as a multipurpose activity center. The Washington Court Apartments, Crescent Community Health Center, and Project Concern offices—which assisted over 19,000 low-income individuals each year—were the final renovated products of the once-blighted building.


Gronen & Community Housing Initiatives, along with the City of Dubuque collaborated in tackling the Dubuque Casket Company to address the City's priorities of creating quality affordable housing, a Community Health Center, and creating a catalyst for revitalization to the City's low-income and economically depressed North End neighborhood.


The creation of high-quality housing, health care, and other services for low-income households were a key component of the Washington Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy. The services for low-income households were within walking distance or an easy bus ride for many of the Crescent Community Health Center and Project Concern's target populations.

Completion Date: 2007

Size: 65,000 Total SF

Location: Dubuque, IA

Type of Project: Mix-use; Commercial on 1st Level and 36 Apartments of Floors 2-4

Gronen Responsibility: Owner, Developer, Masonry Restoration

Total Development Cost: $8 million

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