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The first project in the Dubuque Millwork District was the CARADCO Building, now known as the Schmid Innovation Center/CARADCO Lofts. The Carr, Adams, & Collier Company (CARADCO) Main Plant Building is a former millwork factory in what was, at one time, the nation’s largest window and door manufacturing district.


The CARADCO Building, restored and managed by Gronen, fills an entire city block and was built between 1880 and 1906. It’s adjacent to Dubuque’s downtown, walkable, working class neighborhoods. By establishing a vibrant mix of residential, commercial/retail, and non-profit tenants, the CARADCO Building creates the “Sense of Place” that exhibits the qualities of true urbanism—density, diversity, energy, and sociability.


The CARADCO Building has three floors above grade plus a lower level. The first floor is comprised of commercial, retail, and office space. The lower level houses the Millwork Collective, a multi-tenant organization supporting non-profits and community initiatives. Co- location and shared services allow these groups to operate more efficiently, generate increased impact, and focus on mission. The second and third levels are home to 72 one and two bedroom Workforce Housing and Market Rate apartments.


Completion Date: 2012

Size: 186,000 Total SF (132,614 leasable)

Location: Dubuque, IA

Type of Project: Mix-use; Commercial/Retail on 1st Level, 72 Apartments of Floors 2-3, and Millwork Collective (11 nonprofit organizations) in the Lower Level

Gronen Responsibility: Owner, Developer, Project Manager, Contractor

Total Development Cost: $33.5 million

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