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The Town Clock Building was erected in 1872 to replace the original structure which had collapsed. During construction, the building was reinforced expressly to hold the City's Town Clock. However by 1970, the building had fallen into total disrepair, and the City made the decision to move the town clock to a pedestal at 7th & Main as part of an urban renewal project.


In 2000, the owner engaged Gronen and Jeffrey Morton Associates to collaborate with him in creating a development and restoration plan for the building. The team worked to restore the outside of the building under historic guidelines and completely renovate the interior.


Two major obstacles stood in the way: 1) the carved limestone façade had been completely covered during an earlier urban renewal project, destroying most of the once-beautiful craftsmanship, and 2) the building had also sustained prior water damage, which greatly compromised the structure.


Today, the building comprises more than 20,000 square feet of high-end, modern office space for 85 of Cottingham & Butlers' 300 employees. It's brick and limestone exterior and carved stone architecture has been completely restored. An underground walkway was designed and constructed beneath Main Street to connect the two buildings.


Completion Date: 2001

Size: 20,000 SF

Location: Dubuque, IA

Type of Project: Office

Gronen Responsibility: Developer, Contractor, Project Manager

Total Development Cost: $3.2 million

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